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Inspired to Action blog posts by Rebecca Pratt


As we set our hearts to prayer

Posted on August 19, 2013 at 11:34 AM Comments comments (14)

Sometimes we wonder if our prayers really make any difference. Are they making an impact? Are destinies changed? Are accidents thwarted? Are lives saved? Are Nations and people groups impacted?

In reading about Esther and Daniel and the many others of strong faith in the bible, as well as things I have seen God do personally, I can say for sure, a strong yes! Our prayers do affect change wherever we go and in whatever we do.

When Esther was getting ready to go before the King to plea for her people to not be killed, she first gave a message to all the Jewish people to begin a three day fast and prayer time. Before this prayer time, the King was giving his right hand man, Haman, his approval to do whatever he liked in his kingdom, including putting together a decree to wipe out the entire Jewish people group. The King was not alarmed or concerned by any of it. He encouraged Haman to do whatever he pleased with this people group.

It says in Esther 6:1 that after three days of fasting and prayer by the Jewish people, the King could not sleep that third night. He was agitated all through the night. God kept him up with the remembrance of Mordecai and the fact that Mordecai had brought to light the plot his Eunuchs had to kill him. Not knowing Mordecai was a Jew, it bothered the King that he had not honored the man who had saved his life. This was just the beginning of God’s plan to change hearts and to prepare the soil for what Esther would present to the king to spare her people. This sleeplessness came about as the Jewish people were praying.

Another Example in the Bible was with Daniel. While he was reading the prophet Jeremiah’s writings, he discovered that it was prophesied that the Israelites’ captivity would only last for 70 years. It had almost been 70 years. Instead of just expecting God to set the Israelites free, Daniel suddenly feels the urgency to pray and fast for this to come to pass (Daniel 9:3). Somehow, he understood that prayer had a huge part to play in bringing that prophecy into existence. In Daniel 10:12-13 an angel appeared to Daniel and spoke these words to him: “Do not be afraid, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart on understanding this and on humbling yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to your words. But the prince of the kingdom of Persia was withstanding me for twenty-one days: then behold Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me for I had been left there with the kings of Persia.” This was speaking of the spiritual battle going on in Heaven as Daniel was praying.
The Israelites were set free soon after that.

There are many examples in the Bible that give illustrations of how God asked someone to pray or act upon something which would enable God’s will to come to pass. Jesus even told us in Matthew 6:9-10 to pray that His kingdom would come and that His will would be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Why would Jesus ask us to pray this, if it was just going to happen? We are His representatives on Earth. He needs us to pray and ask for His perfect will to be accomplished.

In the work we do in Africa, we have seen over and over again that as we pray, and people such as yourself pray, many amazing things happen. Kids are able to be rescued. Abusive situations are discovered, and interventions are able to take place.  Strong favor  is upon everything we touch. God’s highest is being accomplished. May we each continue to pray like never before for God to continue to accomplish all that He has planned, in and through our lives as we reach out to help those in need in front of us.  

This little boy's life was rescued because of prayers. His name is Ezekiel. He was destined to die without outside intervention. He had a life threatening hernia the size of a cantaloupe on his groin area. God made a way for us to help rescue him deep within a Liberian village up country where there is no medical care. We were the first white people to ever come to their village. His destiny was changed through God's intervention through our prayers and efforts. God's heart is to restore, redeem, and to rescue, and this is how we prayed according to His perfect will. Surgery was successful on Friday Aug. 16th.

This little girl is from the same village in Liberia where we were able to help rescue Ezekiel. She along with all the village kids were given new clothes, flowers for their hair, and stuffed animals. Precious kids whom God has some beautiful plans for. 

Just returned from Liberia

Posted on January 26, 2013 at 7:38 PM Comments comments (24)

The mob of kids swarmed me as I tried to get myself out of my vehicle.  Little bodies were plastered to me the minute I opened the door, and hugs came from every direction.  The excitement of my arrival never gets old for these precious kids who have stolen a huge chunk of my heart.
      I brought new faces with me, and the kids instantly swarmed them as well, asking them their names. The newcomers did not know quite how to react with all this instant attention, but they quickly warmed up to all the affection.
     On this trip, Tim and I brought 5 people with us. One doctor, three men from Idaho and one woman from Washington. To read some neat stories of their experiences, you can check out our Orphan Relief and Rescue blog this week, and read our Jan. newsletter. Just go to
     With each visit back to Liberia, I am checking on current projects going on. Meeting with Government officials to help them in these efforts to help all orphans in distress in their Country. Checking on our Staff, Orphanage Directors and Children, and planning for the next projects coming up. 
     Our big focus this year is to get a transition/safe home up and running for the children who are in horrible orphanages that need to be closed down, or are currently displaced with no home after being plopped in a full orphanage.
     Sitting next to displaced orphans who were taken from closed down orphanages and put into full ones is getting old. On each of my visits, I zero in on the new kids, the ones who have a hard time looking me in the eye. The ones who do not hardly talk. The ones who start to follow me around the orphanages, as if to say in their silence, please fight for me. Please find me a home. Someone to love and care for me. 
     They are not wanted by the over capacitated orphanages, and were plopped down with promises by the government they would come back for them and place them somewhere permanent. Months go by and nothing happens. The good directors do not know what to do with them. They already have their hands full. These displaced children are the extras that do not belong there.  
     As I walked into the social welfare office this last week, they asked “Do you have good news for us yet”. Can you open a transition center yet? I saw their anticipation for my answer, and my answer once again was; “We are still praying and believing for the finances for this to come to pass. God know’s these kids need this and you need this for your country.” 
     As I leave their office, I once again breath my prayers up to the Lord. “Only you can make this happen. In your timing let it be.”
     Over the next few days, Our field director and myself come up with a plan to involve the government with ownership of this project by strongly encouraging them to find a place for us. Work on our behalf. get others involved who could possibly pitch in. Use their influence as a partnership with us.      
      So in our next meeting, we present it, and it was received well as their desperation has reached an all time high. Now we will see what God will do with all this.       
     Please pray with us on this matter. We will need around 100,000 dollars to run something like this per year. We need some real God miracles for these precious children. If God lays it on your heart to give or to fundraise on behalf of these children. WE WOULD LOVE IT!  
     I look back at all that God has already done for so many, and my faith rises as I contemplate the fact that God loves these children more than we do. They are His, and we just walk forward in obedience to allow Him to do his rescue missions through our availability. I am excited to see what God is going to do with all this. 

Liberia and New Identities:

Posted on August 22, 2012 at 3:06 PM Comments comments (3)
With each trip, it is wonderful to see the progress of the children we are helping. They each have incredible hope for the future now that they have been rescued from so much abuse, neglect and over all apathy for their care. 
     Seeing the little ones growing up and becoming preteen kids, it is hard to believe we have been involved with some of these children for more than 5 years now. 
     Having a summer celebration with some of them, it was fun to see the girls who once were close to starvation, now looking and acting like any other preteen girl, wanting pretty hair, colored nails and cute clothes. Their appearance is not the only thing that has changed. They have also learned about a God who loves them incredibly and who desires a personal relationship with them. 
      Through our child development program they are thriving and learning they are loved, valued, and a one of a kind. No one on this whole earth is the same as them. They are learning that God has an incredible plan for their life. They have come alive as they have begun to understand who they are through Christ’s eyes. It is such a beautiful thing to be apart of. I am so proud of our field staff and all that they are doing to make this work successful on the Liberia end.