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Rebecca speaks to a variety of groups such as churches, mission training programs, women’s meetings, fundraising events as well as to secular community groups. No matter what audience is before her, she is relevant and motivational. She has a way of challenging people to get out of their comfort zones to help others in need.

Speaking topics include:

  • How to do the impossible with God to change the world
  • Living an empowered life w/Christ
  • Brokenness to Empowerment/ Depression to Expression
  • Child trafficking and abuse awareness
  • The power of prayer
  • Living supernaturally in a natural way
  • How to do effective missions abroad
  • Hearing the voice of God

Speaking topics can be adjusted for your specific group.

If you would like to have Rebecca speak to your group contact her at [email protected]

ph. 206-453-3158

She resides in Texas.

Upcoming Speaking Events

Due to COVID 19, Live events have been cancelled until further notice.

If you would like to have a zoom group meeting, this can be arranged.

October 17h, 2020

12th Annual Orphan Relief and Rescue Seattle Gala Fundraiser in Washington state has been changed to a virtual event. Go to website for more details.

What people are saying about Rebecca:

Rebecca demonstrates a heart-felt love and deep commitment to expressing love and quality care, particularly for children in need. This same excellence in ministry is clearly communicated through her public speaking capabilities. I would recommend her highly as an inspirational and motivational speaker for any group. -David O’Connor,CFRE Five Oaks Consulting 

"Listening to Rebecca Pratt share stories about how God led her to the children of Africa is like receiving water on dry ground - refreshing to the soul! Her words, her life, her heart, are an inspiration!" - Patricia Forney, Women’s ministry Christian Community Fellowship

After reading Rebecca’s amazing story, I feel deeply moved. It makes me genuinely wonder what more I could be doing with my gifts, talents and blessings to the glory of God. Very touching. A call to action for me. I thank God for Rebecca. Now I need to do something. - Ben Malor, Chief Executive Producer, United Nations Radio, NY